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Review: Maja Keuc - Indigo

Hello  everyone. Hope everyone is ok. I'm sorry that I am writing this in english, it's just that I know most of you do understand english, whereas I think this post will be more interesting for international readers, who might not understand it otherwise.

Today I will be reviewing one of my favourite Christmas presents, for which I have to thank my dear Mateja.

I was very impressed with a lot of this year's Eurovision acts, and one of them was Maja Keuc, from Slovenia, who had a strong voice, and a modern look and sound. I was immediately drawn to her, and have been trying to keep an eye out for her ever since.
This month she finally she came out with her music debut, Indigo, and I was really excited about it, even though I wasn't sure of what to expect. I must confess, I have listened to it quite a lot already, I even know of the words by heart, even in slovenian. =P

I was right though, Indigo is simply excellent. It has a modern jazzy-pop/raggae-soul sound, that is infectious and unexpected coming from western european music. Also, Maja's voice is virtually flawless through the whole of the album.

Another thing, besides the genre mix, that I find really clever, is that most of the CD is sang in her native language. I find this good because it is a beautiful language that she should 100% be proud to sing in, and also because I know slovenians aren't exactly fluent english speakers, so I guess the lyrics are both better written and understood in their mother tongue, even if I, myself, can't understand half of it.

The only two things I am not very happy about are:
  1. The inclusion of the remix of "No One" instead of the original. I can get used to it, but I think the original version in  much better. Actually, I would even prefer to have "Vanilija", the slovenian version of the song (hope I spelled that right)
  2. The inclusion of "Free Love", when the single was released as "Ta cas" (I don't have the sign to write that right, sorry), which I honestly like better, even if "Free Love" is a lovely song.
In the end though, I recommend for everyone to listen to this CD and I'll be looking forward to hearing some more slovenian music.

Highlights: "Zmorem", "Na pol poti", "You're a Tree and I'm a Baloon", "Go With The Flow" "Ta planet"

Final Rating:  18/20.

And I'll leave you with "Ta cas":


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  1. I`m glad that you liked my package :) and also that you are so impressed about our language :)
    So if you need any translation of her lyrics just tell me and I will try to translate it for you :)