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Review: Too Faced Full Bloom Crème Color (Tea Rose) - EN

Hey everyone, so here's the deal. I usually don't write many posts in English, but I need to in this case, because I am going to submit this review to Too Faced for consideration, and I obviously need them to understand it.  The usual portuguese review for Portuguese speakers will be in a separate post.

Este post também está publicado em Português. Ler em Português.

So, last time I went to Sephora the private sales were going on, and I was set on using mmy discount on a Too Faced goodie. As I love Too Faced's Brightening Blushes, and I had never tried any kind of cream color before, the Full Bloom Creme Colors were calling to me. They come in 3 colors: a coral, a bright pink (which although Too Faced describes it as sheer, still looked too hot for me, not experienced with cream colors to take a risk on) and a dusty rose color, Tea Rose, which was the one I ended up getting.

I find this product, and this specific color very good for cream products beginners, and it is a very natural color that is easy to blend and definitely not easy to overboard with. And even if you go overboard with it, it will most likely only look like you're slightly flushed.
On the lips, this is even truer, as it matches my natural color almost perfectly. Actually, it's the lips we'll talk about first.

This is my least favorite way to use the product. To be honest, I don't think it is moisturizing enough to use alone on the lips. In spite of that, I find it brilliant as a lip base, both to help the lipstick or gloss slide on the lips, and the color to last longer and look brighter.
As for its traditional use, as a creme blush, I have no complaints to make. As I have said before, it is an easy, highly blendable color, great to apply in the morning when you're in a rush and not worry about it. And it lasts. At least 6-9 hours, I would say.

It is also a great base for a powder blush. Actually, if you look closely at the Sephora display for these blushes, you'll see that right by these blushes, there are also Full Bloom Powder Blushes in matching colors, and if you're curious, the matching blush to this one, which I would love to try, is Cocoa Rose. Since I don't have that one as of yet, I have tried it with the Brightening Blush in La Vie En Rose, and I found that it looked subtly more awake and alive, with a healthy aspect, as well as it lasted a little longer.

Finally, packaging wise, I think Too Faced were spot on. It is cute and compact, with a mirror inside, that allows you to apply your blush anywhere, which I do, since sometimes I don't have time to do it at home, but I have some time to kill on my way to school, and since it doesn't need a brush, it is the perfect opportunity. I also like that the lower part of the container is clear.

At 4,5g of product for 22€, this product is an investment, but it's a good one at that, I would say. And it goes everywhere with me! =)

Final Rating: 18/20


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