sábado, 26 de novembro de 2011

Skispringen gehts zurück! (Ski jumping is back!!!)

UPDATE: Nice, looks like the comp was canceled...again. Even though Eurosport is supposed to start broadcasting it now.

Hey everyone...so, I had a really good night yesterday, but I have a really long day ahead of me today, because I have too many events going on like my posting schedule (which is all jumbled up once again because of yesterday), and the German Hausaufgaben of the week, and then there is the big football derby, and it's mask day, A Voz de Portugal...this is one of those days that needed to be two days.

But first of all, today Ski Jumping season starts again. Hopefully.Yesterday the Finnish wind canceled the qualification round...good for me cause I didnt have time to make this post, which I really wanted to, and plus I was in class (checking twitter...someone needs to disconnect the internet from my phone of this won't end up well...)

Let's just say I'm excited. I loooooooove the Welt Cup in Finland. I love Lahti, Kuusamo...This weekend we get Kuusamo...Today is Team Comp, tomorrow probably quali and individual comp. I am not yet familiar with the calendar...let's say I'm not in winter season mode yet, but I'll try to get to it tomorrow, or during the week...

Now, today it's pretty much a sure thing that if the comp goes through Austria will be geting the gold. I also expect the German team to get good results...Wish I could remember what other teams will be competing so I could tell you what else I expect from today...=P

As for the season, I am really excited about the mixed competitions, also the Women's Welt Cup (wonder where that will be broadcast..) and the Championships next year with both genders competing...

Individually, I really love, love, love Morgi, but...some competition would be interesting. Looks like Freitag, Stoch, and Freund are up to the challenge. I hope mr. Schlieri gets his flow going...and I really want to see some new values...I want to see Zografski on podiums, and Tepes on top 20, and some Americans and Canadians qualifying once in a while...and if mr. Fettner wants to explode once and for all I'd be very thankful...

Of course I'll be missing Malysz, and Jacobsen, and the luck of the Finnish (get well soon Ville), but it will still be a great season, and it will be a chance to other athletes to shine!

And now that I've rambled on, and on, and on...I think I'm done. I'll leaving you with the Welt Cup master, in his own dog language, Thomas Morgenstern!

Beauty posts and stuff will surely come later today....

Have a great weekend, and an even greater winter season!


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