terça-feira, 13 de junho de 2017

SPONSORED | The T-Shirt Dress is SO Back!

Olá maltinha, espero que estejam bem.  Quem mais viu o seu dia estragado pela chuvada desta manhã? Pessoalmente ainda estou a recuperar do susto!

O post de hoje é da responsabilidade dos meus patrocinadores da Stylewe.

The black t shirt dress is definitely and firmly back in fashion. This kind of dress is a great choice because there are many styles that you can easily make it work for anyone and every occasion - because a black dress is a must-have piece that goes well with everything in the world.

This type of dress can be short or long, simple or detailed, bodycon or loose-fitting, fully black or printed. What matters is that it will always be comfortable, and that there is definitely a style that everyone will feel good and look good wearing.

I would personally opt for a simple style with unexpected details, but there is a lot to choose from if you look on websites like Stylewe or Just Fashion Now.

As for accessories, I'd say a necklace will never let you down.  The type you choose will depend on your style and the neckline of your dress. It's a good thing that you  can just buy them together then.

Happy Shopping!


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