sábado, 5 de agosto de 2017

It's boot(ies) time, girls!

Olá maltinha, espero que estejam bem. O post de hoje é da responsabilidade de um generoso patrocinador., a Shoespie. Espero  que gostem.

Summer is on its way out, and while that doesn't mean it will get frosty come September, it does mean that it is time for early Fall fashion. 

Fall fashion is all about light cardigans, jeans, earth tones, and of course, booties.

I personally love booties. The suede texture ones, the smooth leather styles. Flat and fuzzy, with chunky heels and buckles (as you see above) or even the tall ones with spike stiletto heels, which I could never walk on, even if was to save my life.

I even love this funky little number that doesn't look like booties in  any part of my universe, but is a great example of . pretty fashion womens ankle boots https://www.shoespie.com/C/Ankle-Boots-101419/ (or maybe they are supposed to be pumps?). In fact, I think these might be great for someone like me who can't walk in real heels, because I imagine the wedge might look and feel like you're walking on thin air.

More than anything, I love open toe lace-up booties like these, as controversial as they are. I've unfortunately yet to find my perfect  pair because of my bad relationship with stiletto heels (or any heels higher than 2cm...)

If you are good with heels though, I totally recommend shopping the site to purchase 
fashion shoes for women https://www.shoespie.com.

Happy shopping!


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