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Blue is the warmest color for Prom Season

Olá maltinha, espero que estejam bem. O post de hoje é da responsabilidade de um patrocinador. Espero que gostem.

Spring is the season for parties. It is a time for weddings, engagements, openings and, more importantly for young girls - Prom.

Every girl wants to look good for Prom - or any other time pictures are taken. Wr take inspiration from magazines, fashion shows, red carpet events, celebrity looks and even fashion blogs, because we all want to be princesses for one night.

I've been to Prom ages ago, and I don't see myself attending any weddings this year, but if I was, I'd say blue is a color that I'd definitely look for in a dress. 

Blue Prom Dresses are beautifully unexpected and incredibly versatile. A rich blue color can look striking against a light complexion or stunningly complementary against  tan skin.

A flattering Satin Sapphire gown with a good silhouette will make you look like a movie star on the carpet.

While a light, icy hue accented with crystals will turn you in a sea princess for the night, catching light wherever you go.  

If you're still looking for a Prom or Formal party dress for this Spring, Dressesofgirl is a great place to start looking. They have all kinds of beautiful dresses in different colors, shapes. lengths and sizes - even pluz size - so you should be able to find something you like there. 

It's not all about the dresses though. As you can see, there are also gorgeous shoes to pair with your dress on the website, so you can easily choose your whole stunning outfit at once. 

And don't worry if stilettos aren't for you. Flats may not be as elegant, and they are not always a favorite, but they are still definitely an option, so there is no excuse for wearing less-than-fabulous shoes to prom. 

I wanna know -who is wearing blue to Prom this year? And are you Team Heels or Team Flats? Sound off!


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