sexta-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2012

And even more blog awards...

G'night everyone. Hope everyone is doing well...I'm a little pissed. Why in the hell does Google think it can disconnect me suddenly just because??? Besides that I'm kinda happy...I got some (little) work done, I won something on Twitter and I reached my 175 follower (yeah, I know it's sad that I make a big deal of it)

That said, it's time for some more blog awards and tags, which is why I'm writting in this obscene language that is english. =P

First up, I got this one from Carolina.
Rules are the usual:
  1. Tell who gave you the award and thank them: Carolina, and thank you very much =)
  2. One quality of yours: Working good under pressure
  3. One character flaw: man, so many! Alright, two: paranoid, and introverted in real life =P
  4. Pass to 15 people...well, all 175 of you!!!
Then I got tagged/challenged with this one from Andreia, which means I'll have to paint my nails orange...but not this coming week, I feel purple-ish this week, the one after, ok?
  1. Say who tagged you: Andreia!!!
  2. Say what color you like best on your nails: Blues and Greens...I think that's probably what I have most of, anyway
  3. Pass to 10 girls...or 175 haha =D
and apparently this is the one of the orange nails...
  1. Who gave it to you: Andreia!!!
  2. Challenge 10 girls...or paint their nails in a color I choose...I want everyone with GOLD nails, and I want to see that! Go!
Hope you liked it, and I'll see everyone tomorrow =)


3 comentários:

  1. I'll paint my nails gold tomorrow! :D Oh and orange nails rock! :D

  2. Ora aí está uma cor que não tenho xD! Se não alinhava :D

  3. Ai podes ter a certeza que é uma grande falha, mas a ver se corrijo isso ainda este fim de semana xD!

    Por acaso foi uma cor que nunca me veio à cabeça.. ehehehe